The 1505 Venice Edition of the
Compendium moralium notabilium


Geremia da Montagnone's Compendium moralium notabilium is also known as Compendium moralium dictorum, Compendium morale, and Epitoma sapientiae. This last title was used for the title page of only printed edition of this florilegium, published at Venice in 1505 by Peter of Lichtenstein.

Googlebooks has scanned several copies of this edition and provided them freely online. One of them is in poor condition due to wormholes, but there are several that are in excellent condition and quite legible.

Although Googlebooks' gratis online provision of this text is a wonderful service to scholarship, its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) search function is severely limited for this source. This is partly due to the extensive use of abbreviations, but several typographical issues are also problematic, including the nature of the font used by the printer and the inconsistent hyphenation of truncated words at the end of many lines. These shortcomings are illustrated by the following sample, transcribed from the incipit of the text:

₵ Incipit compendium moralium notabilium compositum per Hieremiam iudicem de
montagnone ciuem Paduanum: premissis infrascriptis prohemiis ad presciendum summariam intentionem totius huius operis. Rubrica.

Here is the Googlebooks OCR version of the same passage from one of the better copies:

CJnc pit wmpmäiü moealiü notabiljü c6p0fitum per pic remis iuäicem oe
monkey gnäe ciuem Pacluam upxemxmo nfracmyn's pwdemijs ac p2_e cien u mmxmnam mtöcionem tot us vumo operioFa lca .

Only a single word ("ciuem") in this excerpt was interpreted correctly by the OCR software.

The creation of a searchable transcription of this text is clearly justified, but of course a searchable edition is even more useful to scholars.